Have you ever sent an email that wasn’t received quite the way you had intended?

Perhaps a sarcastic punchline got lost in translation (and your joke turned out to be more offensive than funny) or a short, to-the-point message was taken as impersonal (or even rude). 

Email lacks an important feature for collaboration that video conferencing solutions provide: communication beyond words. 

Facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice all help to translate emotion during a conversation more accurately than a simple exchange of written words.

I often find that more can be gathered from the unspoken word of a face-to-face conversation than a hundred words in an email, so I use technology that lets me pick up on those cues.
— Shawn Leonard, Collabtech Group CEO

Finding The Right Video Conferencing Solution for Your Business

“Video conferencing solution” simply means video chat software and supporting hardware designed specifically for multi-person collaboration in a virtual meeting space.

Below, we’ll take a look at three of the most popular cloud-based video conferencing platforms – Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Room Kit, and Webex Room Kit – to determine the right solution for YOUR business.

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