Meet Shawn, Chief Executive Officer of the Collabtech Group

What does it take to cultivate an intimate workplace on a global scale? According to the collabtech Group CEO Shawn Leonard, the key is – unsurprisingly – a strong commitment to workplace collaboration. 

“We have literally created a new category of business,” says the CEO. “We’ve created an ability for the boring meetings we all dread to become something much more interactive and productive.”

The collabtech Group was born when Shawn discovered a need in the market for a vendor-neutral provider of premium collaboration services around the growing business group at Microsoft. “They were focused on bringing both hardware and software into the collaboration space,” says Shawn, a strong believer that every company should be able to hold a highly collaborative meeting from anywhere at any time. “Our goal was simple: to help companies work better, together.”

With over 10,000+ successful events completed so far (and an NPS score over 90% to boot), Shawn’s vision for the company is well underway. “Companies may think they are saving money by not investing in new ways of working together, but they’re actually losing productivity; there has never been a better time in history to leverage the significant advancement in collaborative technology than today.” 

As a rapidly-expanding global provider of installation, integration, rental, and adoption services for collaboration technology, the collabtech Group prides themselves on maintaining an intimate culture throughout their global workplace. “Our company is truly a family,” beams the proud CEO. “I’ve known our management team leaders for 11, 15, and 20 years.” The collabtech team currently employs service providers in 11 different countries across the world.

But while the idea of global workplace collaboration may seem more feasible today than ever before, the practicality of bringing employees, partners, and clients together across different time zones and cultural backgrounds can be challenging at times. “Being truly ‘global’ is by far the hardest part of our growth,” Shawn admits. “We often lead collaboration projects that require a change in technology for the first time, which requires our team to be constantly learning.” 

That tenacious dedication to learning has led the collabtech Group to provide service to businesses in over 30 different countries (and counting). “Collabtech has allowed myself and our team to see the inside of some of the greatest companies in the world,” says Shawn, referring to companies like the NFL, Warner Brothers, and the FBI. “We take great pride in getting across projects and information quickly to accelerate our clients’ experiences in a positive way.”

Shawn has seen first-hand how companies with a solid collaboration strategy tend to be better in every aspect of a business. “Great technology – adopted well – enables happier employees, better processes, and ultimately higher profits.” 

According to Shawn, a successful collaboration happens when a company can seamlessly achieve whatever they set out to accomplish. “I’m worried for companies that are not investing in the new Microsoft Surface Hub or deploying MS Teams, as they are not providing the best available experience for their people – people who have seen that experience offered elsewhere.” 

Being the CEO of a fast-growing global company means collaborating on the go more often than not. When Shawn isn’t utilizing the Surface Hub at collabtech HQ, the CEO stays connected to his team with the new Microsoft Surface Go. 

“Collaboration technology is all about what works for you,” he stresses. “I often find that more can be gathered from the unspoken word of a face-to-face conversation than a hundred words in an email, so I use technology that lets me pick up on those subtle cues.” 

“Being part of a company that doubles in size year over year is the ultimate roller coaster,” he laughs. “But as cliche as it sounds, I believe that building a team should be viewed as a journey rather than a destination.”

Shawn and his team are committed to providing the same intimate culture for their newest team members as those who have known each other for years.