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Premium services for device management

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We help pull together all the technical, logistic and project management elements of a technology device program globally.


Collabtech delivers premium end-to-end technology experiences on behalf of world class OEM leaders. We understand offering products across the world can be challenging. It involves managing different languages, time zones and people.

To help meet the increasing client technical expectations, Collabtech offer a range of consistent services in over 123 countries worldwide in 7 different languages to support the latest technology products and solutions.

Common Scenarios we can partner on include

  • Execution of Proof of Concept (POC) including project management

  • Loaner program for clients 

  • Secure custom built roadcases 

  • RSA programs utilising ticketing systems

  • Delivery of technology events  

collabtech will manage your programs end-to-end for you.